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SYMPTOMS: Why You Need To Listen Your Body

Your body is self-healing with the proper nutrients.  By making constant adjustments, your body stays in balance (homeostasis). Like the saying "with every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction", as hormones speed up or slow down metabolism and muscle contractions can speed you up or slow you down.  Symptoms appear when the body isn't in homeostasis and this is when your body needs your help.  If you continue to ignore symptoms by masking the problem (the band aid effect), then the symptoms will eventually turn into something more serious:

Eczema can become asthma

Migraines can lead to liver issues

Leaky gut can cause allergic reactions

Low blood sugar can lead to diabetes

Stress can weaken the immune system

Lower back pain can be from overworked kidneys

High cholesterol can lead to an underactive thyroid

Did you know that any symptom can be an allergy? According to Naturopath doctor Carolee Bateson-Koch, this is believed when there is an unexplainable symptom like a banana causing a swollen joint 2 days later as the relationship between a delayed response from something you ate.  This makes you wonder how healthy food can be causing disease in the body.  Food allergies have been noted by Dr. James C. Breneman that 60% of the population allergies or intolerances are unknown, and it is important for people to know the cause of their allergy.  Also, he comments that individuals have very little awareness that gall bladder symptoms can be caused by allergies, even though they have no classic symptoms.  A child who wets the bed can be linked to an allergy; usually milk.

Here's the problem with individuals googling their symptoms to see what it could be.  According to Dr. Robert C. Atkins, the "one-cause-one-disease" only fits the criteria for scientific testing, as they most often use the double blind study. This is for the best way to evaluate single variables and pharmaceuticals. Did you know that nutrients like vitamins and minerals are never found alone in nature, so a testing of a single nutrient could give poor test results because synergy action is required.  Therefore, singling out a nutrient like calcium for bone support might be needed in a high dose by itself and a less dose with magnesium & vitamin D because the results are better.  Your body might require just one nutrient due to deficiency or a few nutrients that work together like a formula (for example bone formula for calcium metabolism).  Again, your body gives you symptoms of what is deficient.  However, anxiety can be caused by lead toxicity, Candidiasis or an imbalance in the nervous system. Fatigue can be caused by Candidiasis, underactive thyroid, low levels of iodine, B1, B3, folic acid, PABA or sodium-potassium imbalance.  Of course there are other symptoms that help narrow down what the root cause could be. 

Body systems assessment is the way to figure out the root cause of symptoms. Wouldn't you rather reverse symptoms than mask it? Wouldn't you rather feel the energy that your body produces from food? You eat food anyway, why not food for your body needs in order to rid yourself of symptoms or reverse some diseases? Your body can heal itself, so why not let your body do just that?

Get your lifestyle and body systems assessment today! Heal your body with food.


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