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About Janette

The Story Behind My Brand



  • everyone has a diffent nutrient requirements

  • everyone likes different foods and textures

  • we eat for different reasons

  • we  experience different phases in life that require emphasis on certain nutrients

  • we experience disease differently

  • our DNA is different

  • how we handle stress, emotions, sleep and learn are all different

I take how the body works and provide it with the tools (nutritents) it needs to maintain, repair or support during changes.  We all eat food because that's what the body is designed to do.  This is called 'biohacking' and I have become obsessed with understanding everything about our body!


I like to describe the body as a factory with 10 departments.  Each department has a manager, supervisor and workers. When a department is short on tools to do the job, they will borrow from another department. For example, calcium is needed in the nervous system to help conduct nerve impulses (messages).  The manager  borrows from the skeleton department and leaves the department in chaos with weakened bones or teeth.  This becomes a sign that something is missing.  Or an organ isn't working optimally and needs to be cleaned. Or sometimes workers go on strike because there is too much toxicity or not enough rest in between shifts (too much food preservatives or not sleeping well).

Every body runs different. The need for calcium can leave some people with cavities and others with osteoporosis.  Some people who have genes more prone for a disease require more minerals or vitamins to help keep the switch off.  

I didn't always have this business, but it ended up being my path to helping others.  It was when I needed to fix myself because doctors/specialists didn't have the answer to help me. Most of the time it was trying to manage a problem until it flared back up... but with a vengence! 

I was a chef for many years and ended my career with chronic stress and a nerve damaged arm.  I was told if I changed careers then everything will  return to normal.  I went to university (5 years) to teach high school for a few years.  Well... that didn't fix my problems! Not addressing stressed organs, gall bladder removal, damaged tendon/ligaments and heartburn... turned into

  • stones pressing on my brain causing blackouts

  • leaky gut with complete stomach blockage

  • IBS

  • massive weight loss, then weight gain

  • borderline hypothyroidism

  • early menopause

  • golfer's elbow, snapped tendon, tennis elbow and loss of nerve function in my arm

  • massive hair loss, anxiety, insomnia

That's just a few things...


I needed to fix me! I went back to school to learn how to fix me the natural way at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I used the tools that my body was designed to use... plus I really know food.  From growing it, cooking and preserving it.  Then other people asked me to help them, so I started my business to help others. 


Don't forget to check your insurance company to see if they cover my services!

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