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About Janette

The Story Behind My Brand

There is always a YouNique story behind what inspires someone to do what they are doing.  My story goes back to work stress! I didn't know how damaging it can be to your body.  I just dealt with it each day like anybody else would by venting to friends and family.  Little did I know it was manifesting inside me like a ticking time bomb.  Sure my body gave me signs like sore back, low immune system, weakening bone structure, heartburn, IBS, calcium stones, weakened muscles, tendons and nerves. I would go to the doctor and get some meds.

I ended up with every cold, flu, lung infection, sinus infection and tonsillitis that other people had around me.  My poor immune system was a wreck.  My sciatic nerve was irritated and I slipped two ribs.  I developed IBS and had terrible heartburn that developed into massive stomach trouble.  Every time I ate, the food couldn't go anywhere and just fermented in my stomach.  I felt like a bloated cow, and the doctors where baffled.  Their suggestion was to remove my gall bladder, even though there no stones in it.  The calcium stones I had, ended up traveling through my circulatory system and launching into my brain. YIKES! I had to sleep sitting up until they dissolved.  The final straw before I left my cooking career was tendonitis and massive nerve damage in my shoulder to my hand.  That was mostly from the repetitive motion of flipping frying pans and squeezing tongs.   

I needed to know what was the cause of all these problems, how to fix them and reverse the effects they had on me.  I just quit my job, but that wasn't the solution because stress doesn't quit when you do.  I finally made a decision to fix myself through natural nutrition.  All the pharmaceuticals put a big toll on my body too. 

I became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, which was the best decision ever.  I healed all my problems, reversed the effects of damaged they caused and helped many others too!  I didn't realize that you need to dive into every body system, analyse it and all life style factors. I no longer temporary fix the problems, I reversed them!

My favourite story is how I helped Dave.  He had diverticulitis and was schedule for a colon resection.  He was sitting in the waiting room for a pre-surgery check up and reality set in.  He thought to himself that there has to be a better way.  He left the waiting room and went to his doctor.  He decided he wanted to try a natural way to his diverticulitis and then he found me.  I helped him repair his colon in 3 months and his doctor cancelled his surgery because he no longer needed a colon resection.  His life is so much better because he no longer has to plot out his bathrooms when on the road for work. 

After working with other clients, I realized that everyone is really unique, even if they have the same problem.  I worked with people who had diabetes and their systems where different too.  One couldn't control sugar naturally until their underactive stomach was repaired.  The other had underactive adrenals that was effecting the insulin secretion.  Even though people may have the same disease, their underlying cause may be different because we are all unique.  We all eat different foods, which means we have different deficiencies from foods we eat and don't eat.  This is how I came up with the name YouNique.  I believe in the holistic as everything effects us from sleep and stress to balancing our chakras.

If you want reverse your disease, repair damaging effects and no longer have to deal with symptoms, then contact me for a free consult.


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