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Eczema: Calming the Intensive Itching Skin Disease

Eczema can be caused by an array of things like allergies, medication or irritating chemicals. It is often associated with asthma. It is commonly found on the wrists, knees, inside elbows and face. It looks like red skin lesions that are cracked with a thickened skin that form blisters. This inflammatory and very itchy disease is known as atopic dermatitis. Food allergies established with eczema are tomatoes, eggs, foods with preservatives, wheat, food colouring and cow's milk.

What if you have no food allergies or intolerances? Nutrient deficiencies can also contribute to the formation of eczema and a depressed immune system. Deficiencies in zinc, selenium, essential fatty acids and vitamin A. These are definitely supplements you need to take to correct the deficiency.

It takes time for eczema to fade away, stop itching and reducing inflammation. Dermagen C cream is perfect for eczema and other skin conditions. It helps with inflammation, itching, calming the irritated skin and clear up skin by providing a protective barrier. For more information on this cream, click on the link below.

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