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Janette de Vries RHN, B.ed,H.BA 
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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I'm an award winning holistic nutritionist, chef, educator, top 50 holistic nutrition blog, farmer, craft enthusiast, holistic health store owner, mother, grandmother and some call me a walking encyclopedia with a photographic memory.

I want to help you build that bridge between your dream of being healthy energized, happy and a fantastic cook... to making this your actual lifestyle!
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What is holistic nutrition?

It assesses an individual's physical and mental health when creating a blue print to manage the issue (disease & symptoms) based on nutritional principles.

It's more than throwing a list of super foods at a health problem like cinnamon, if you have diabetes. Your body is way more complex than that, so it requires a combination of actions to maintain a healthy balance.  

It starts with food, not just what you are eating; how often, how you feel after eating, and branches out to holistic health - stress, sleep, energy, exercise, trauma, selfcare, lifestyle, psycho-spiritual (meditation to religion).

Holistic nutrition isn't a new fad, as Hippocrates (father of medicine) lectures about the healing power of nature.  He was famously known for "let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" to encourage self-healing efforts. Holistic nutrition became a renewed interest in North America in the 1970s.  In 1975,  the first holistic health conference was held in California.  


Welcome To My Quick Reference Library

It's important to me that I bring my readers credible information.  I combine research from texts and journals into something that takes only takes 3-5 minutes to read.  Everything from vaccinations to bloat.  Check out what everyone else is reading.

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