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Juicing Therapy For Your Body

 Live juices from fruits, vegetables and herbs are a great dietary aid for helping the body to heal.  Wheatgrass, chlorella, barley and spirulina are healers that help stimulate cells, build red blood cells, cleanse the liver and fight toxins.  Vegetables are health restorers that help remove acid waste, boost immune system and balance the metabolism.  Fruits are body cleansers that help lower cholesterol and provide energy. Let's get started with some juice boosting recipes!

Alzheimer's disease has affected 10% of Americans at the age of 65 and 80% of individuals over the age of 85.  This is a disease of both sexes from nutrient deficiencies.  It is characterized by nerve fibres that has a permanent tingling around the centre of the brain where the memory is located and dying cells that can lead to dementia.  As you can see, it is more than a loss of memory.  Some experts believe that it is a result of free radicals or a compromised immune system.  Studies on men and women over the age of 75 found low levels of folate and vitamin B12 double their probability to develop Alzheimer's disease.  One piece of evidence that has experts agree on is a regular exercise regime helps protect against neurological decline. Also, mental exercise plays an important role on cognitive health with word puzzles, math equations and reading.  

Juice kale, watercress, blueberry, lemon and ginsing for an Alzheimer's juice.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is controversial, as some experts believe it to have a connection to food allergies, as any food can provoke.  The most common food allergies are dairy, wheat, sugar, corn, peanuts, soy, yeast, chocolate and shellfish.  Symptoms of ADD can be restlessness, learning disability, tiredness and inability to concentrate.  

Juice fresh vegetables with ginko and valerian root extract for an ADD juice.  No fruit juices should be included.

Obesity can take a toll on an individual's health, as it is a major contributing factor in diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Women who battle weight issues all their life can look forward to another battle during menopause like gaining more weight from less calories needed because ovulation ceases, therefore less calories are burned for ovulation.  Even gaining too much weight during pregnancy can increase an individual's risk of breast cancer.  

Juice kelp, celery cucumber, kale, watercress, pineapple, ginseng extract, raspberry leaf extract and black cohosh for obesity juice.

Depression, according to medical doctor Giovanni Cizza, is a disease of the body, mind and soul.  'Fight-or-flight' hormone is elevated, which is associated with bone loss in depressed individuals, decreased estrogen and growth hormone in depressed individual women. Also, depressed individuals  tend to have lower EPA levels.

Juice broccoli, leafy greens, apple, peach, lemon and flax seed oil for a depression juice.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can have individuals reaching for quick boost in energy, but this is only temporary when it comes caffeine.  Also, caffeine can increase fatigue when the effects wear off.

Juice carrots, wheatgrass, avocado, papaya, apple, pinch of cayenne and echinacea extract for a chronic fatigue syndrome juice.

It's always fun to create your own juicing creations that are catered more to your taste buds or specific needs.  I like to add nutritional yeast for that extra boost of vitamin B.


Balch, Phyllis A, CNC. Prescription for Dietary Wellness. New York: New York. Avery, 2003.

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