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VACCINATIONS: How Informed Are You?

The purpose of vaccinations are to eliminate children suffering of infectious diseases of previous eras. It is rare to hear of a child dying from polio, smallpox or any disease, which individuals vaccinate. The universal illness of measles was big in the 1960's, but close to being extinct today. The interesting part of historical medical sources is that infectious diseases declined by 90% before the introduction of vaccinations. The sanitation movement across Europe and America between late 1800s and early 1900s have experts believing that this was the explanation that caused the decline of epidemic diseases; sewage systems, garbage dumps, public water supply. Also, the claim of better nutrition.

What About Toxins and Contamination?

Toxicity is a major concern, as they contain stabilizers so they don't degrade into inactive fragments in the vial. In general, vaccines contain weakened or killed viruses by substances like formalin. Vaccination defenders have claimed that the cause of autism is not from vaccines. In 2010, scientist at the University of Pittsburgh revealed that a standard dose of childhood vaccines were given to infant monkeys had developed symptoms of autism. Vaccines are a shock to the immune system as they can contain up to four neurotoxins like formaldehyde, glutamic acid, mercury and aluminum. The mercury free vaccines are higher in aluminum.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Polio was administered and knew it was contaminated with SV-40 (simian virus number), but didn't understand the full consequences of this contamination. Vaccines can get contaminated because they are grown on live cells and then harvested. The host cell can have other viruses growing on it too, and they get harvested with the vaccine. For example, the polio vaccine was reported to be contaminated with a money virus in 1959 by Dr. Albert B. Sabin (the maker of the live vaccine) because the vaccine was grown from the kidney tissue of the African green monkey. People have argued that the human-monkey hybrid inoculation against polio, given to humans, explains the spread of animal to human viruses, such as HIV-1. Anthropologist would argue a different theory on the spread of animal to human viruses.

Do Vaccines Create Predictable Medical Problems?

According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, there is a connection of vaccines to chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV, MS, allergies and other diseases. If you ask about the ingredients of a specific chicken pox vaccine, you will learn there is MSG, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, foreign DNA and RNA. For more information on linked diseases to vaccines, read Emerging Virses: AIDS and Ebola -Nature, Accident or Genocide? by Dr. Horowitz. In 1997, the genetically engineered recombinant DNA vaccine - hepatitis B was linked to an epidemic of autoimmune insulin-dependant diabetes from a New Zealand study. Other autoimmune disease-vaccine connections are lupus, chronic fatigue and MS.

Here are a few summaries of other studies with increased medical problems with vaccinated children in comparison to unvaccinated children:

1992 New Zealand Study Results - 226 vaccinated children showed an increase of tonsillitis, hyperactivity, sleep apnea, and epilepsy compared to 229 unvaccinated children.

1997 New Zealand Study - 1265 children surveyed where the vaccinated group experienced allergies (30%) and asthma (23%) in comparison to the unvaccinated group that experienced asthma or allergies incidences.

2000 Africa Study - Over 15000 children were observed from 1990-1996 that showed the death rate in vaccinated children in comparison to unvaccinated children was double from whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus.

2004 British Study - 30,000 vaccinated and unvaccinated children were compared, as the vaccinated children had a higher risk of allergic asthma by 5.04%.

2011 German Study - 8,000 unvaccinated children ranging from birth to 19 years old announced that vaccinated individuals have 2-5 times more disease and disorders then the unvaccinated.

Should the public be more informed about the good and the risks involved with vaccinations, since it is for the common good?


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