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Simple vs. Restaurant Salad: What does Healthy Really Mean?

Why do we try so hard to over complicate food? Simple tastes just as good as complicated and high technical dishes. Restaurants have wonderful salads that are packed full of many different toppings that they believe you want for that healthy choice. The added nuts, seeds, dried fruits, cheese and another crunchy element (dry noodles, corn chips, croutons) can add extra calories, salt and sugar. The calories can always be used up throughout the day by exerting energy. That 'catch up on the gossip' luncheon with your friend can continue with a 30 minute walk with hand weights, so you can re-enact the some boxing scenes from Rocky.

Sodium intake should max-out at 1500mg for the day. It is easier to keep that potassium-sodium ratio balanced, blood pressure in check, blood vessels and kidneys have a little less strain. Nobody wants to be stressed at work, so why would you stress your organs? As the boss of your body, you might need some better training. Never take your body for granted because you don't want it to quit, go on strike or call in sick.

Refined sugar in the body can be a bigger issue with some individuals than others. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that quickly passes through the stomach and on to the colon. The colon is the place for good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria need to be fed, which is carbohydrates like banana, asparagus and fermented foods. Bad bacteria have a simpler palate for simple carbs, such as sugar, donuts, cake, pie, ice cream and sugar drinks. Bad bacteria can help you feel bad about yourself by causing bloat, gas, body odor and rot those teeth. When you order your healthy salad, who do you want to feed? The good, the bad and the ugly teeth?

One of my simple, homemade, organic and homegrown (mostly) salad packs a punch! I used basil, tomatoes, avocado, chicken, nutritional yeast and some spices.

Basil has benefits of reducing nausea, stomach cramps, aids digestion and promotes normal bowel movements. Did I mention it is a good source of calcium?

Tomatoes help protect against infection as it is a natural antiseptic, can help purify the blood. Studies have reported tomatoes help in some cases of gout, high blood pressure, sinus problems, help dissolve gallstones and relieve gas in the stomach. The nicotinic acid helps reduce LDL blood cholesterol.

The avocado has a large supply of vitamins and minerals, so they are recommended for malnutrition; vitamin C, B, A, protein, fat, calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium. It has reported to help with insomnia, nervousness and constipation.

I season my chicken many different combinations to match my mood; spicy, rosemary-lemony or smoked paprika. Once all the ingredients are in nice chunks, toss together, sprinkle with nutritional yeast, Himalayan salt and pepper. Simple can pack lots of nutrients and flavour without the extra frills.

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