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How To Beat The Common Cold and Flu

The cause of the common cold can be from any 200 viruses, but typically the rhinovirus. The cold virus makes its presence by a stuffy or runny nose, scratchy throat, maybe chills and a low grade fever. These symptoms are the body's attempt to eradicate the viruses. Inflamed and runny nasal passage is a guard against further spreading and invasion. Getting more than 2 colds per year is a sign of a compromised immune system. Colds can be prevented by strengthening the immune system.

Drink 8oz of water, bone broth or herbal teas every hour. Aim for mostly water. Avoid honey, orange juice and other natural sugars because they depress the immune system. Take a pure grade vitamin C. Over the counter vitamin C can come from a poor source, contain fillers and/or sugars. If you have citric allergies, then I don't recommend vitamin C. Thymus extract once or twice a day. Also, Echinacea is a popular remedy for the common cold.

Influenza is started by different viruses that are grouped as type A, B or C. Over 90% of type A is responsible for major epidemics and flu cases. Type B is the less severe type and type C is more milder that can give you cold like symptoms. Antibiotics are no match for viruses, as bacterial infections do respond to antibiotics. Vitamin A, B complex to help fight the stress of healing and encourage antibody production, tissue salts for chills and aches.

The amounts to be taken vary from person to person. If you need the proper amount, length of time and a pure source of supplements, then send me an email through my website.

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