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DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: Avoid Leaky Gut, Food Sensitivities, Dysbiosis and a Compromised Immune System

The digestion is the process responsible for breaking down and converting food into substance, so it can be absorbed across the tissue of the intestine (epithelium).  Food goes from a complex substance to a simple substance by converting the structure into their particular building blocks.  For example, animal protein is broken down into amino acids, potassium, zinc, B12 and other nutrients.  This conversion is preformed with enzymes in the digestive tract. 

What happens if your body have low levels of enzymes or the pancreas is exhausted to the point it isn't excreting digestive enzymes?  The pancreas is the sole means of protein digestion when hydrochloric acid is too low.  The stomach enzymes that digests protein is active pepsin, which hydrochloric acid is needed to convert inactive pepsinogen to active pepsin.  Most of protein digestion should be done in the stomach.  With an underactive stomach, problems arise like food allergies, intolerances, leaky gut, dysbiosis or a compromised immune system. 

Leaky gut allows theses undigested foods (especially proteins) to be absorbed. The immune system doesn't recognize the substance and launches an attack, as a response to these allergens, and this results in food sensitivities.  What happens if the immune system is always called to action to handle this?  Then the immune system becomes hyper-active and weakened.  This leads to frequent infections, autoimmune disease, asthma and cancer.  Maybe it is time to think twice about digestive enzymes.  Here are some lab pictures of food with and without digestive enzyme supplement.

This shows zucchini digested after 3 hours with and without V-enzymes. A little scary!

I had no idea that soft egg whites don't break down very well. It is a lot more undigested in me because I have no gall bladder. Yikes!

A nice roast or steak on the BBQ is a favourite for me, but take a look at how it doesn't break down. If you aren't a complete chewer, then it is a lot worse!

No wonder adults have milk intolerances. Look at the undigested protein from this liquid. 

Order your digestive enzymes today by shopping in my 'Supplements & Books" section. 

V-enzymes (vegetable enzymes) helps digest proteins found in plants and from animals.

Digest Gluten Plus is specifically degrades the gluten component with protease enzyme mix and helps digest proteins.

Digest Dairy Plus supports digestion of foods containing lactose and helps prevent symptoms of lactose intolerance.

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