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The Best Exercise and Weight Loss Myths - Debunked!

I get asked many questions on, so I thought I would help debunk some of these myths to my YouNique readers.  I want to make sure I can inform as many people as possible, so they can get the best results.

If I exercise longer, will I get better results?

Actually, the longer you exercise will prevent results. You should have exercise sessions that are short, intense and effective because exercise is to stimulate muscle and fat burn.  The good news is this can be done is less than 4 hours a week.  When you do more, you can feel physically and mentally drained.

Muscles grow when I am working out.

Muscles actually grow when you are resting.  Slight muscle damage will occur during a good workout.  This is a micro-trauma that actually triggers your body to re-build tissue only if you feed it the required nutrients and allow yourself to rest.

If women lift weights, then they will get bulky.

Resistance training (which uses weights) will help women become lean and toned.  This is because fat takes up 5 times more space than muscle, therefore replacing fat on your hips and thighs will make them smaller.

If you exercise, then it doesn't matter what you eat.

It matters even more when you exercise because not having the right nutrients in your body, you can't recover properly from a workout.  You can also create a nutrient deficiency within your body, which leads to many health problems.  It's just like your vehicle.  If there isn't enough gas, brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil and antifreeze, then if isn't going to run properly and things begin to break down.

Aerobics is better for losing weight than weight training.

 If you want to transform your body, then you need weight training.  If you want to burn fat and change the composition of your body, then you need muscle to ramp up that metabolism.  Now, don't get me wrong, aerobics does burn fat.  In order to change your body shape to have slimmer waist, leaner arms and legs, then you need resistance training with weights.

If you are truly ready to transform your body, then I have the program that will do this called Holistic Weight Management - Fat Loss The nutrients are calculated, exercise begins with fat loss and moves to body composition for that slimmer look.  It isn't a quick...drop the weight program because losing more than 1lb per week can result in lean tissue loss.  This is 8 weeks of teaching you to choose your foods according to your taste, but controlling the amount.  It is all balanced out for that nutrient dense choice.  The exercise gets you moving and then incorporates weights.  You learn how to create fat releasing meals and the connection between sleep, stress, fibre, macro-nutrients and weight loss.  This is a lifestyle change that will give you the added bonus of balanced hormones, glucose control and low cholesterol to prevent future diseases and issues. 

I think it is time to INVEST IN YOURSELF!

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