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Fatigue: Various Causes Due To Deficiencies

Many people turn to their doctor when they are feeling fatigued. They might even look at their thyroid, glucose levels, stress, hormones, symptoms of depression or anxiety. Sometimes it is just your body communicating with you because you let your vitamin, mineral, enzyme and amino acid levels get too low.

Let's take a look at what might be deficient in your body that is causing fatigue.

Coenzyme Q10 has a part in mitochondrial energy metabolism, therefore a deficiency causes fatigue. It is true that your body produces coenzyme Q10, but it produces less and less as you get older. Mitochondrial respiration decreases when vitamin A levels are low, which is the reaction needing oxygen to convert energy stored to ATP for giving every cell energy. Also, B vitamins are cofactors in mitochondrial respiration, as it converts carbohydrates, fats and protein into energy. Having low B vitamin levels can be another contributing factor to your fatigue.

Muscle fatigue or reduced muscle strength can be due to low levels of vitamin D and zinc.

The inability to utilize glucose for energy is a sign of biotin deficiency. When blood sugar is not stabilized, chromium deficiency may be the issue as the uptake of glucose is promoted by chromium.

Experiencing mental and physical fatigue, then reduced levels of glutamine amino acid in an array of tissues. Muscles become more insulin sensitive with glutamine by increasing energy levels. Another amino acid supplement good for fatigue during exercise is asparagine. It decreases the rate glycogen is used for energy.

Stress is another factor from overproduction of fatigue causing stress hormones. Serine can help counteract this overproduction.

Overall energy levels feel low? Magnesium improves energy levels as it is needed to store ATP; the energy molecule.

Before consulting your doctor for a diagnoses as to why you are feeling fatigued, try supplements to bring any deficiencies back to normal levels. If you are still fatigued after a month, then a doctor's visit is the next best thing.

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