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Body Systems Assessment - Basic Package ($190)


Is your body screaming at you with different symptoms like bloat, constipation, joint pain, white marks on finger nails, fatigue, PMS, pins-and-needles, allergies, brain fog, eczema, cravings, insomnia, headaches, depression, anxiety....

Are you taking medication for disease that you would rather reverse and manage through food?

Through a series about your health history, symptoms and genetics, I piece everything together (like a puzzle) to find the root cause of your systems.  It is easy to tell everyone to take supplements, probiotic and EPA/DHA oil, but this might not be the solution.  Every human body is different as genetic make-up is unique, how an individual manages stress or their level of chemical exposure.  


You will recieve a lifestyle report that includes the root cause of your complaints, explanation of how your body is imbalanced (disease and symptoms), recommendation to reverse complaints, psych-spirited connection (holistic), menu plan, recipes, follow-up and endless support.  

This can be taken to your doctor, so we both can work together, especially when you wan to rid certain medications from your life.  This is a one time fee and I work with you until you are back in balance.  

Investing in your health is always a good investment.

Body Systems Assessment - Silver Package ($250)


This is the same as the Basic Package with the addition of a biotheraputic drainage program (3 UNDA numbers and 1 phytogen therapy) that is connected to the root cause of your main complaint. This program is $100 on its own.

Biotherapies have been created in Hahnemann's time and other types have evolved during modern medicine era. 

Unda numbered compounds have been in use since 1930s and are way of cellular level detoxification by not over-burdening the body.  Unda numbers are low potency botanical medicines and metals that are carefully formulated into mixtures.  These are prescribed accordingly to your assessment on your organ systems; not according to symptoms.  

Phyto-gen therapy are remedies made from the buds and young shoots of plants that helps improve health through active extracts.  They can be a single plant extract or a mixture of 3 plant extracts focused on specific organs. 

Holistic Weight Management  


This 'Do-it-yourself' program gives you eight weeks of support to lose fat, balance hormones, cholesterol and sugar levels. Get your energy back while still eating your favourite foods.  It is a revolutionary way to lose weight while regaining your health back and self-confidence.


This program includes educational newsletters, recipes, The Plan ebook, daily food planner, Fat Release E-book and walking exercise program that you will recieve weekly via email.  You get to choose what you eat (chocolate & alcohol included). 

What has your food done for you lately? There's nothing to lose but body fat.  

What's the catch to this great program?  Your committment! I provide you the magic wand to weight loss, as the magic wand is a series of steps and tools that are easy to implement into everyday life regardless of how busy you are throughout the day.  

Interested in purchansing a program?

Just send me an email

Specialty Diets
Just want to know what to eat for your body condition? 
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