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December 4, 2019

 Vitamin D is easy to get through your diet and sun exposure, which should be utilized before choosing a vitamin D supplement and know if you are experiencing symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.  There are many possible symptoms of vitamin D deficiency such as visual problems, bone disease, gum disease, cataracts, rickets in children (softening of bones due to inablility to calcify the bone matrix), joint pain, bone density loss and bone strength.  Interestingly, WedMD claims that vitamin D blood tests are "often inaccurate".  If supplementation is required to bring vitamin D levels up for bone loss, then supplementation is a good choice (short term) or for individuals who don't get sunlight exposure.  

The optimum source to get D3 (cholecalciferol)is exposure to the sun as your body manufactures it with the combination of cholesterol from your body.  Other sources are from egg yolks, butter, halibut, cod liver oil, beef liver, cheese, salmon and tuna....

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