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December 29, 2018

 I hear many times the answer to 'what is Canadian food" to be Canadian bacon, maple syrup, poutine and beaver tails.  Being a history major and a chef for many years, I can tell you that Canadian food is more than that.  It is interesting to know that every province has its own traditional Thanksgiving dinner that consists of foods that are natural and plentiful to each province, as it is a celebration feast for a good harvest.  During the medieval period in rural England is where this tradition among the farmers began.  The celebration in Canada began way before the official day was declared.  When Europeans arrived in Canada, they witnessed First Nations giving thanks to to their Sacred Mother for their harvest.  The Iroquois' feast lasted 3 days where they honoured the three sisters.  Three sisters soup was one of their feast items that consisted of corn, beans and squash.  This is definitely a soup worth trying or making for your feast.  Not only is this soup a taste bud sensation...

January 15, 2018

1.  Portion Sizes

American researchers noticed the bigger the serving or portion size, then more calories are consumed.  A study was conducted where people were given large containers of soup or popcorn and the other group was given small containers.  The large container group consumed 73% (popcorn) and 43% (soup) more calories than the small container group.  Try using smaller plates in order to consume less calories.

2.  Eat Smaller Meals

Plan you day to consume 3 smaller meals and 2 or 3 snacks.  Intervals of roughly 3 hours apart.  Regular and small meals increases the metabolic rate after eating for a short period of time.  It is boosted approximately 10% for 2-3 hours after you eat, so avoid skipping meals.

3.  Consume Enough Protein

Protein will help stop you from wanting to over eat, as amino acids are the most satisfying nutrient.  A meal's calories may be burned off as heat, giving a protein meal a higher calorie burn percentage of up to 20%.  Don't get me wrong, your metabolism i...

January 10, 2018

I get asked many questions on, so I thought I would help debunk some of these myths to my YouNique readers.  I want to make sure I can inform as many people as possible, so they can get the best results.

If I exercise longer, will I get better results?

Actually, the longer you exercise will prevent results. You should have exercise sessions that are short, intense and effective because exercise is to stimulate muscle and fat burn.  The good news is this can be done is less than 4 hours a week.  When you do more, you can feel physically and mentally drained.

Muscles grow when I am working out.

Muscles actually grow when you are resting.  Slight muscle damage will occur during a good workout.  This is a micro-trauma that actually triggers your body to re-build tissue only if you feed it the required nutrients and allow yourself to rest.

If women lift weights, then they will get bulky.

Resistance training (which uses weights) will help women become lean and toned.  This is because fat...

January 7, 2018

 Step 1:  Setting Realistic Goals

Let's start by writing down your intentions because research has proven that clearly putting your goals on paper are more likely to turn into actions.  Make sure you are specific and realistic when you write down your goals.  Of course, being in a positive mood is going to help hopeful thoughts have more direction (I would like to lose 20 pounds).  Next, find a suitable time frame for your goal.  Losing 40 pounds before summer season starts next month is unrealistic! Also, write down your reason for wanting to lose weight.  A lot of normal weight people believe that will solve their emotional problems.

Step 2: Keep an Eye on Body Composition Changes

This is the key to ensure you are losing fat and not muscle.  Take your measurements once a month that include chest, hips, waist, upper arms, thigh and calf.  This lets you see where you are losing the most fat and how your body composition is changing.  Take measurements prior to you...

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